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Sunday, 21-Nov-2004

Gv4l 2.2.4 is here. Now transcode 0.6.13+ is supported but make sure it is configured and compiled with at least: --enable-v4l --enable-gtk --enable-sdl --enable-X --enable-lame or Gv4l won't work and it WILL crash. There were also few other bugfixes, as outlined in the ChangeLog.

Sunday, 21-Mar-2004

Gv4l 2.2.3 released. This is a bugfix release regarding the scheduler. Have fun.

Thursday, 01-Jan-2004

Happy new year! And here's the present for everyone - Gv4l 2.2.2. There are bugfixes, UI updates, new features and more. See the ChangeLog for details. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 29-Oct-2003

Gv4l 2.2.1 released. It includes small bugfixes, small UI updates, as well as more choises in the TV standard field. It is now possible to change the TV standard with another application, such as xawtv, and select "Current". That way you can avoid having Gv4l setting the TV standard if you experience any problems with the setting. As usual, the ChangeLog is here and you can get the latest Gv4l from here. Let's hope this release fixes all problems.

Monday, 13-Oct-2003

Gv4l 2.2.0 is ready! Hope you'll enjoy the new stuff if you haven't tried the 2.1.x series. Check the 2.1.x - 2.2.0 part of the ChangeLog to see what's in this stable release. Download from here. Have fun recording!

Updated debian packages are now available. Those should fix the dependency issues.

Sunday, 05-Oct-2003

Another development release is here. It's time to finalize the 2.1.x series, so please test 2.1.2 as it might become the next stable release and we don't want serious bugs... As always, you can get it from the downloads page.

Friday, 19-Sep-2003

For any bleeding-edge users out there, I decided to start uploading "alpha" versions of Gv4l to the Sourceforge's CVS server. And by "alpha" I don't mean totally broken development version of Gv4l that won't even compile; that is possible but I'll try to avoid that by any means. Those will basically be "pre-beta" (development) releases that need more stuff added/fixed/tested to enter a "beta" stage. There might be new features appearing but not functioning, which means they are currently being developped while other fixes, enhancements, etc. are being worked on as well. If you're interested in trying out an "alpha" release, go to the downloads page and look at the CVS section.

Sunday, 14-Sep-2003

New development release. Gv4l 2.1.1 fixes some bugs I discovered in 2.1.0. It also adds new features, such as screensaver disabling and saving settings on exit. Those can be found in the new preferences window (in the edit menu). As always, you can review the complete ChangeLog.

Friday, 12-Sep-2003

New ebuilds for Gv4l 2.0.2 and 2.1.0 released. Those fix the 'desktop-file-install' missing error, which leads to build process failure. Forgot to add a dependency in the ebuild and no one reported it 'till today =\

Sunday, 07-Sep-2003

Gv4l 2.1.0 is here! Even though it's a development release, it should work well. Please test!

Tuesday, 02-Sep-2003

Gv4l 2.0.2 released. This is a bugfix release and anyone using 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 is encouraged to update. A development release is coming out soon as well, so stand by...

Wednesday, 23-Jul-2003

Happy 1st birthday Gv4l! It's been exactly one year since the first official release of Gv4l. Now that I look back and see all the enhancements I'm really amazed to see what I accomplished, given the fact that I only worked on Gv4l when I had the time and felt like working on it. Hopefully we'll have a new release coming out soon.

Saturday, 12-Jul-2003

Gv4l 2.0.1 is out. It's a small cleanups and bugfixes (the Makefile) release. Anyone using Gentoo Linux may use the ebuild (listed in the downloads page).

Thursday, 10-Jul-2003

Gv4l has new home - gv4l.sf.net. Decided to move the project on a separate page, giving it the opportunity to expand. The webspace is generously provided by Sourceforge.

Wednesday, 02-Jul-2003

Finally!!!!! We got up to Gv4l 2.0.0! There are lots of new features and enhancements - feel free to browse the ChangeLog for the complete list. This is one of the releases I spent lots of time working on and I hope you'll like it. The 2 major enhancements are the TV Standard and Audio Source settings but there's lots, lots more. Happy recording!

Sunday, 06-Apr-2003

Ok, almost as promised... The last Gtk+1 release 1.0.0 is here! Decided not to release it as beta because I noticed not so many people tested 0.1.1 as opposed to the users of 0.1.0x, missing quite a few features. Anoter reason is that I don't feel like doing the same thing two times. So, there you go Gtk+1 users be happy cause this is most likely the last release, unless there are serious problems/bugs. Gtk+2 users should also be happy cause new beta is here as well!!! A stable Gtk+2 should be available soon (after a month or so spent on user side testing :)
So, there ya go, and don't forget - if you're not fully satisfied I'll refund the full amount =)

Tuesday, 01-Apr-2003

I'm really unhappy to announce that Gv4l is no longer GPL program. The new license is yet unknown but will be something similar to the Microsoft ones. Any Gv4l users willing to continue using this product will be enforced to pay a small amount of only $29.99.
The development and downloads are now frozen until further notice. This was a hard decision to make but payments are necessary to cover expenses such as personnel hiring, etc.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

The above is an April Fool's joke :)

Now, seriously, I had some time last week and had the chance to work on the so requested cron (scheduling) feature. It's almost finished (in a sense that I want to add some more functionality) and will be out really soon. It will be there for both Gtk+1 and Gtk+2 versions. This will be the last Gtk+1 beta one and for the final Gtk+1 only any major bugs will be fixed. Other than that, there has been lots of code clenups and enhancements as well.
Stay tuned for the upcoming releases!

Saturday, 25-Jan-2003

Been both too busy and too lazy to work on Gv4l the last couple of months. I'll get to it eventually but not sure exactly when since I'm the only one working on this project and I only heard promises about help from other people. Anyways just to mention I put a FAQ couple of months ago and I forgot to post about it here.

Thursday, 31-Oct-2002

The brand new "Beta" Gv4l 2.0.-9 using Gtk+2 is here! If you are using Gtk+2/Gnome2 you're welcome to play with it. It's based on Gv4l 0.1.1 code with some minor improvements and changes. Note that if you're not using Gtk+2 it's most likely not gonna work for you and you may wish to stick with 0.1.0b or 0.1.1.

Saturday, 19-Oct-2002

New "Beta" release - 0.1.1 featuring lots of improvements - see the ChangeLog for full details. Should be stable but cannot guarantee it cause I'm the only one that tested it so far and cause you forgot to pay me last time ;) Enjoy.

Wednesday, 02-Oct-2002

Doing some minor enhancements of the page. Noticed that transcode 0.6.1 is released and now the preview filter is compiled by default. Here's the link to transcode 0.6.1. Gonna have a new release of Gv4l soon and it's most likely going to be the last Gtk1 one unless it's too much work to convert it to Gtk2.

Sunday, 01-Sep-2002

Gv4l 0.1.0b is out. It's a minor improvements and clenups release.

Friday, 30-Aug-2002

Gv4l is now on Sourceforge. Only latest releases will be kept here. Also there's a Forum there; you can still email me but I think posting messages there should be better. All the releases can be found here.

Thursday, 29-Aug-2002

Gv4l 0.1.0a Released. Decimal point issue fixed. Thanks to Thomas de Grenier de Latour for pointing that out. Now when default settings are applied, the settings file is not removed nor replaced until the settings are saved - a restart of Gv4l will reload the saved settings. Also a 1/10s sleep time for tuner reset has been added. Read the Changelog file in the tar for details.

Tuesday, 13-Aug-2002

Gv4l version 0.1.0 released. More features added.

Monday, 05-Aug-2002

Gv4l version 0.0.2 - new features. Transcode 0.6.0 is officially released!

Tuesday, 23-Jul-2002

Announcing Gv4l version 0.0.1

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