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Complete Changelog
Gv4l 2.2.4
*Add support for transcode 0.6.13+
*GUI Updates
 - Links
 - Use new Browse style
 - Action buttons expand and fill the toolbar
*Applied UTF-8 patch submitted by Sebastian Voecking
*Igain is set to 1 if it's 0 as there will be no sound otherwise (alsa only?)
*Re-created the project with glade
*Executed gettextize and supporting stuff:
  * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add m4.
  (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
  (EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath mkinstalldirs.
  * configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Add po/Makefile.in,
*Changed the way .xawtv is being read (removed useless/obsolete chunks)
 - nothing was being read if the channel=# is not the 1st in the section
 - code is more efficient now

Gv4l 2.2.3
*The Scheduler was broken and yet working for me before; should be fixed now
*No need to run auto file extension when scheduler's opened
*Updated .desktop file

Gv4l 2.2.2
*Audio gain disable (0) value was missing from the list
*Do not set default v4l device
*Moved player selection to preferences window
*Preferences window will now stay on top
*Set the duration to 0 if it's blank
*Channel field is now locked (doesn't work if not defined in .xawtv anyways)
*Check of channel field removed
*Channel 0 can be used for webcams and such (.xawtv file not needed for those)
*Updated error messages
*Automatically restart on channel or source change if in watch mode
*Various fixes of filename generation (when resume disabled)
 - no recursive calls (possible fix of reported problem)
 - keep current filename
*Output file splitting now possible (prefs window)
*Updated the convert script
*Cleanup code (mainly indentation)
*Remove Day 0 from scheduler
*Make all dialog boxes stay on top
*Do not use desktop-file-install for the menu item

Gv4l 2.2.1
*Added more TV standards to chose from (hope it will work that way)
*Updated error dialogs
*Messages, errors, etc. windows now appear centered
*Fixed the player selection dialog
*Increased the cron jobs' list size (fit at least 3 lines w/o scrolling)
*Small Makefile fix
*Included directory debian, used to generate .deb's

Gv4l 2.2.0
*Automatic extension fixes
*Record to new file fixes
*More verbose schedule button tooltip
*Call the automatic file extension on schedule

Gv4l 2.1.2
*Tooltips fixes
*Using return instead of exit for the error dialogs
*Player selection dialog now stays on top
*The icon of the prefs window is now present
*Using Treeview instead of the deprecated Clist in the scheduler
*Video source string not terminated...oops (thanks to Geoff Horn for pointing it out)
*Lotsa small cleanups/bugfixes
*New messageboxes added
*The scheduler can now enable, disable, and delete tasks!
*desktop-file-install is not required

Gv4l 2.1.1
*Duration is now a spin button (believe it's more convenient that way)
*Fixed a loop bug, leading to Gv4l eating up all cpu time and hanging
 -(v4l sources read)
*Disabling the screensaver is now possible; it will be enabled again on exit
*Gv4l can resume or start recording to a new file
*Gv4l can save settings on exit
*Preferences window
 -enable/disable screensaver option
 -resume recording option
 -save settings on exit option
*The auto filename extension only applies after started recording

Gv4l 2.1.0
*Gv4l is now installed in /usr by default
*Makefile fixes...again!
*more .spec file fixes
*moved the transcode related functions from gv4l.c to transcode.c
*moved the rest of the cron stuff from gv4l.c to cron.c
*Reading channels from $HOME/.xawtv and putting the values in channel list
*Obtaining Video Sources (TV, Composite, etc) from the v4l device and making list
*Deny reloading settings while in record/watch mode as it causes problems
*fixed typo in the menu
*Gv4l now sets the TV norm (standard) without using v4lctl (from the xawtv package)

Gv4l 2.0.2
*Fixed converting values from config file to lowercase bug
*Using filenames with spaces is now possible
	-for recording
	-for playing

Gv4l 2.0.1
*using g_locale_to_utf8() instead of iconv for the locale convertion
*added 2line break between transcode sessions in the output
*more Makefile fixes and cleanups
*updated the .spec file

Gv4l 2.0.0
*buttons dock can be positioned sideways, at bottom, or above the menu as well
*default name for the cron entry should now appear
*the harmless warnings during make should be gone
*scheduler is in separate file (cron.c)
*the scheduler no longer allows to be opened more than once
*browse button is now placed next to the file textbox
*player selection selection is no longer shared with output file selection
*updated install scripts and .desktop files
*included is Dag Wieers' spec file for creating rpms
*increased the cron line to 500 characters (you think that's enough for $PATH?)
*all of the dialogs now conform to GNOME2 button order standards
*fix design of the scheduler
*update links and information in both the gui and README
*require transcode >=0.6.7 (enhanced webcam support and ffmpeg fixes)
*Gtk warnings should be gone
*Status with colours is working again
*Added View/Transcode Output instead of having to run gv4l in terminal to see
 transcode output
*GUI enhancements-re-arranged and more compact (and beautiful maybe?) interface
*De-interlacing is now a checkbox allowing a value of `5' only
*New configuration file format and location
	- Included gv4l-convert.sh script to allow almost painless switch
	- The script will attempt to run if there's no config file and an old
	  config file (Gv4l < 2.0.0) exists
*Yuv422 option-required by the logitech quickcam and possibly other v4l devices
*video, audio, and mixer devices detection
*default picture sizes
*TV standard selection plus default TV fps set on change
*Removed the obsolete, no longer available with transcode opendivx codec
*Removed divx4 from the list since it doesn't work with newest divx libraries
*Added mjpeg, msmpeg4, and msmpeg4v2 (ffmpeg list codecs) to the list
*Removed old useless debug message
*FPS, picture size, video&audio bitrate, and audio gain drop down boxes
*xvid as default codec and 29.970 as default FPS
*Small code cleanups

Gv4l 2.0.-8 and 1.0.0
*The status in watch mode shouldn't indicate Idle now
*If settings are reloaded during watch/record the status won't indicate Idle
*Code cleanup and improvements, more comments
*not using "~" to get the $HOME anymore
*Command line options
	"--file" option allowing custom config file to be used
	"--record" option for starting record on startup
*recording duration option (mainly for scheduling purposes)
*de-interlace option
*codecs list update
*default video device is /dev/video0
*ffmpeg4 fix for transcode 0.6.3
*check for transcode >= 0.6.3
*recording scheduler (cron entry creation)
	-add DISPLAY variable
	-add PATH varible obtained from user's path
	-display cron list
	-create gv4l cron
*README file updates
*links/about box updates

*got rid of the new line char of the displayed crontab entries (2.0.-8 only)
*Fixed the path to the application in the gnome menu item shortcut if installed
 by the superuser with --prefix to point to the right location (1.0.0 only)

Gv4l 2.0.-9
*Gtk+2 GUI interface
*Based on Gv4l 0.1.1 source code
*Removed gnomeless output since it's not present in gnome2
*Added second menu item opening gv4l in xterm to compensate the missing gnomeless
*Fixed the path to the application in the gnome menu item shortcut if installed
 by the superuser with --prefix to point to the right location
*If settings are reloaded during watch/record the status won't indicate Idle

Gv4l 0.1.1
*Renamed the Start button to Record and Watch TV to Watch
*Placed the Watch, Record and Pause/Stop buttons in a floating dock
*Added playback with external video player capability
*Trying to play a file with no player selected will popup a question dialog
*Added external player selection dialog in the settings menu
*Added the external player value to the save settings function
*Added Action menu containing the actions associated with the buttons
*Added file browser to select the output file/file to be played

****PLEASE NOTE: Resuming of files with different codec, fps, etc. parameters
                 may result in strange ouput file. Do NOT resume if using mpeg
                 as codec because it separates audio&video to 2 files and those
                 will be replaced instead.

*Added checking for transcode >=0.6.0 and .xawtv file in the user's home dir
*Added various error/information windows
*The picture size, fps, audio/video bitrate and audio gain fields are NOT
 required anymore; if omitted the default transcode values will be used
*Added Divx5 to the codec list
*Added DivX leftovers removal on Gv4l close to prevent permissions issues
*Added Status box showing Idle, Recording, or Streaming as Gv4l status
*Removed unnecessary progress bar
*Added automatic file extension; it adds/replaces the output file extension to
 .mpg if the codec is ffmpeg4 or to .avi for all other codecs
*Added "-u 100" to increase the buffer
*Added Gv4l icon and icons for the action buttons
*Gnome menu entry will be installed with make install in Programs/Multimedia or
 in Favorites if not executed with root privilegies. May not work with Gnome2
*About box information changes
*Probably missed something since I didn't try to keep this file current and
 it's been almost 2 months since I started working on 0.1.1

Gv4l 0.1.0b
*Added Reload Saved Settings function which reloads saved settings if such
 exist or loads the application defaults if there is no settings file.
*Resizing gv4l's main window is now symmetrical.
*Removed mpeg, mjpeg, xvid, xvidraw, divx4raw and null from the encode codec
 list. Any of those can still be used if the appropriate codecs and transcode
 exports are present. For more information about the xvid removal visit
 http://xvid.org/. The others result in a buggy output ot transcode crash.

Gv4l 0.1.0a
 - Thanks to Thomas de Grenier de Latour for reminding me that "," is used as
   a decimal point as well - fixed the sleep times that are less than a second
 - Added a 0.1 (or 0,1 :-D) sleep to make sure the tuner has time to reset
*Now reverting the default settings doesn't delete your settings, just applies
 the default ones

Gv4l 0.1.0
*Added Settings Menu
 - Save Settings capability (puts a ~/.gv4l file)
 - Revert Settings capability (removes ~/.gv4l and loads defaults)
*Pause function fixes
 NOTE: Pausing only works for identical .avi files. Program won't respond until
       finished merging resumed files (especially large ones).
*Added transcode&avimerge output status box
 -no need to run the program from terminal to see the output
*Cleaned up all the returned garbage if executed from terminal
*Code enhancements/cleanups
*Renamed src/callbacks.* to src/gv4l.*
*Fixed a typo in the TODO file :P

Gv4l 0.0.2
*Added xvidraw and raw codecs in the default codecs list.
*Added video bitrate option.
*Added audio bitrate option.
*Added audio gain option.
*Changed the default output filename to ~/video.avi
*Added watch button, no longer need to specify /dev/null as output.
*Added a pause function.
*Added capability of switching to watch or record without using the stop button.
*Transcode now closes on gv4l close/exit.
*Changed the version to 0.0.2 ;)

Gv4l 0.0.1
Initial Release


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