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What is Gv4l?

Gv4l is a GUI frontend for the V4L (Video For Linux) functions of transcode, used to record video (and audio) streams from a V4L devices, such as tuners and webcams, in encoded (Xvid, DivX, etc.) or raw video formats. To use Gv4l you'll need to have transcode-0.6.7 or later installed. Having xawtv installed is also recommended because transcode uses the xawtv configuration file ($HOME/.xawtv) to get the channels, brightness, contrast, and possibly other information. If you try Gv4l, give me some feedback. Developers, code, patches, ideas, money, etc. are welcome. Feel free to drop an e-mail (warder@warder.ath.cx) or post a message at the Forum.

Who wrote Gv4l?

My name is Todor Zviskov (a.k.a. Warder - http://warder.ath.cx:81/). At the beginning I started writing Gv4l for personal use since I couldn't find a good and easy to use program for recording in compressed (encoded) format from my tuner. Transcode was really great but the command line had to be re-typed and changed all the time. Then I decided to write a frontend to make my life easier and when Gv4l reached an usable state, I decided to share it with the public and continued enhancing it. Few people promised to help with the development process but they never did, so I am the only one working on Gv4l at the moment.

How to install Gv4l?

Installation instructions can be found here.

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